Miss Poole's 3rd Grade Class

I’m pleased to introduce my class site, a one- stop shop for families to find everything from classroom expectations, upcoming events, daily schedule, and so much more. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Class Overview


Unit I: Animal Characteristic
Unit II: Characters Shape Their Stories
Unit III: We the People
Unit IV: Different Perspectives, Different Points of View
Unit V: Technological Advances
Unit VI: Decisions, Decisions
Unit VII: Communities Past and Present
Unit VIII: Earth's Surface

Unit IX: Time, Money, and Values

Unit X: Actions, Reactions, and Interactions


Unit I: Kickoff
Unit II: Nonfiction with Words and Graphs
Unit III: Personal Narratives Inspire Realistic Fiction
Unit IV: Expressing Our Opinions
Unit V: Test-Taking as a Genre
Unit VI: Poetry From the Heart
Unit VII: Writing About Our Planet


Unit I: Three-Digit Numbers: Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction
Unit II: Multiplication and Division: Concepts, Relationships, and Patterns
Unit III: Multiplication: Finding Area, Solving Word Problems, and Using Scaled Graphs
Unit IV: Fractions: Equivalence and Comparison, Measurement, and Data
Unit V: Measurement: Time, Liquid Volume, and Mass
Unit VI: Shapes: Attributes and Categories, Perimeter and Area, and Partitioning

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